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We welcome you to the place where you would be getting a hub of information. All that you want to search can be found in one place and that is here itself. If you so that what are our topmost posts to be eagerly waiting for then we present the following:-

  • Government job updates
  • Private job updates
  • Job alerts in Northeast as well as India
  • Life tricks where you will be getting useful tips on how to earn money online
  • Posts relating to the Assamese movie industry and Assamese culture
  • Other informative posts

We tend to lift Assam by bringing our culture into limelight through our site “asomlive.com“. Many people might not know but Assam offers you a rich heritage and the people here are also filled with some talent that remains hidden because of the lack of exposure. Therefore, we try here to show to the world what Assam is really about.

Other than that we give some valuable information regarding the tips as to how to increase your bank balance online. It is pretty much easy if you try, but sometimes the point lies within how-what? We, therefore, try to make such things easy for you by bringing forward some of the tricks that would help you to bring more money into your wallet. Online businesses nowadays have more than needed possibilities in it. What we have to do is just know every how’s the answer.

Who doesn’t need a job? Here we also give you a great amount of information regarding all the jobs that are available or to be available in the coming years. Be it private or government, we give you alerts on various kinds of jobs available. How good would it be?

We also provide you some interesting recipes and some facts that would be helpful in your day to day life. Some blogs are posted to make you feel good about the lifestyle you want to live in or some health benefits. Everything should be taken care of, isn’t it?

So dive into our world and absorb all the needy things you want to as we present you the hub of information. Happy surfing on our site!

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