Top 10 Techniques To Promote YouTube Videos

Everybody is so sure about the current hit way of earning online, i.e. YouTube Yes as we can see people are getting so used to becoming a YouTuber through the talent that you can share with people who are eager to know about it. So today here in this article today we are going to share with you some good tips to help you with increasing the traffic in the YouTube videos that you will be creating.

Simple tips on YouTube videos

  • Title: The title of the videos that you will be published should be such that are frequently searched. Hence it would be really very helpful to you to do detailed research on keywords. According to that, you can select the appropriate title for your videos. Here are some of the things you can take note of.
  1. Keep them short and to the point.
  2. Make it attention-grabbing.
  3. Use emotional trigger words.
  4. Use this tool to help you.
  5. Capitalize your headline title.
  • Tags: Another important thing you should start paying heed to is the tags. There should be some serious attention given to tags that way you can get the right amount of traffic for you. Some points to take note of would be-
  1. Use a unique branded tag so that your videos are shown in related videos.
  2. Use your main keywords as the video tag.
  3. Use a variation of your keyword as a tag.
  4. Find the tags used by high-ranking videos & use those in your video.
  5. You can use the TubeBuddy Chrome extension to help you find tags used by others.
  • The custom thumbnail is a must: Customized thumbnails help you stand out in getting a good number of views through related videos and suggested video sections. We are given you some basic tips regarding thumbnails-
  1. The resolution should be 1280 x 720.
  2. The format of upload should be JPG; GIF; BMP or PNG.
  3. Keep it under 2MB.
  4. Try to use a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Branding: For branding purposes to stand out in your videos you should start doing things like a Youtube Intro which is a minute or two intros at the beginning of the video and then Youtube Outro which will be like showing related videos and other information. Camtasia and Fiverr are something you can take help of to create YouTube Intro and Outro.
  • Sharing: What sharing actually means is that you can share your YouTube videos to get more like by sharing them on social media. The social media platform is something you can certainly take care of while you are tense about how to increase traffic.
  • Starting a blog: Yes you heard right!! You can start creating a blog for your YouTube channel that will give you a good amount of views too. Creating a blog becomes quite an easy procedure now. Go create one and start sharing videos regarding your YouTube videos, totally worth the time.
  • Creating a playlist: If you start uploading your videos to YouTube also try to add them to playlists. This way it comes more often into the eyes of the viewers and your Youtube channel becomes a hit too.
  • Learn more with Youtube Creator’s Academy: When you are into YouTubing try to learn each and every time you can in Youtube Creator’s Academy as the platform is so dynamic it goes on changing every single day.
  • Interviews: Sometimes it is too good if you interview some influencers in your niches. This is a technique that isn’t direct but indirectly gives you a good amount of traffic.
  • Using calls to action: Ask your viewers to get into action in the middle of your videos. Like/Subscribe/Share videos these are the things you should keep on saying to get the attention driven to that topic even more.

These are the top 10 techniques that you must take into account in order to get a good success story for your YouTube channel. Keep Youtubing!

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