Become an online seller. Know how!

Steps towards registering oneself to become an online seller

Become an online seller

Nowadays earning money through on line is very easy. Yeah we have talked about various ways through which money can be earned. In this article we will be covering the area of how to get a smooth income by selling things at EBay/OLX and Amazon. We will give you a guideline as to how do that right. Without any delay let’s get started.

We have to follow some simple steps. They are as follows-

  1. First set up an account in the name of the seller i.e. a seller account.
  • Confirm the name and dress on the file is correct
  • The phone number that you will provide should be correct
  • An automatic payment method should be mentioned specifically and also try to specify eBay money back guarantee reimbursements.
  • If you have PayPal try to get verified that too.
  1. A listing should be created
  • As you will be selling products try to create a good listing
  • Try to define the products in most simpler terms
  • When you do so the potential buyers can find them easily on the site
  • If you are completely blank about how to do that, try to learn the techniques as to how to create a listing.
  1. When your listing are running well, you can go visit the site and see if anybody has bid to buy the product you have put up. You can see that by going to the Sell section. Revisions of the listings are also given so that you can revise it from time to time.
  2. If necessary try to communicate with the buyer through customer support that way you can have enough faith created upon the buyer and the process will go more vanilla.
  3. When the sale is fixed
  • After communicating with your buyer, when the buyer proceeds the checkout an email will be sent to you instantly. In case till two days if you haven’t heard of anything from the buyer then communicate immediately with him.
  • Receive the payment before shipping the product. Without the payment do not try to ship your product.
  • Then ship the item to the buyer accordingly by sending it safely and on time as promised to the buyer. Make sure the package is done right and also the shipment address and the return address is given in a proper manner to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • The last thing that you will have to do is leave a feedback of the buyer that you dealt with. This way you give good information to the other sellers about that buyer for future.

With these simple and easy steps you are good to go. Earning cash by sitting at home was never as easy as it is now.

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