Why the sheep took to the streets of Madrid in Spain | World News

On Sunday, there were more sheep than cars on the streets of Madrid. Shepherds were taking their flocks through the centre of the Spanish capital to pastures in the south for the winter.

Tourists and locals stood along the route and watched as thousands of sheep with bells around their necks walked through town.

The event was brought back in 1994 as part of Madrid’s annual Fiesta de la Trashumancia, after the Spanish parliament recognised the traditional routes that herders used to move their cattle.

A few hundred years ago, they would have gone through quiet countryside on this route, but now they go through some of the busiest parts of the city, including Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s main square.

People took pictures and videos of the sheep with their phones, and some kids reached out to touch them.

Many people were shocked by what they saw in a city where traffic is usually bad.

“I had never seen that many sheep in one place before; it was absurd. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about Spain’s history and present “This is what Maria Kouriabalis, a 22-year-old American English teacher who has lived in Madrid for a month, told Reuters.

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