Uvalde school suspends entire police force after investigation of mass shooting in May that killed 21

The Uvalde, Texas, school district furloughed its entire police force on Friday.

Salvador Ramos went into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde and killed 19 kids and two teachers. Police are now in a hallway. (Reuters photo on file)

On Friday, all of the police in the Uvalde, Texas, school district were given time off. This decision comes four months after 19 kids and two teachers were killed in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Reuters reported that the district said the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Department would not be working for “a period of time.” There were five police officers and one security guard on the force.

The district is waiting for the results of an investigation into the Robb Elementary School shooting that is being led by the Texas Police Chiefs Association and an outside firm. The results are expected later this month, the news agency said.

The district said it decided to suspend the police force because “recent events have shown that there are more problems with how the department works.”

“The district also said that Lt. Miguel Hernandez has been put on administrative leave because of “recent events.” The director of student services, Ken Mueller, has also been put on administrative leave and will be leaving his job “He told Reuters, using the district’s statement as proof.

The school district didn’t say anything more about the suspension.

The police department is being looked into for how it handled the shooting in May, including how long it took officers to get to the shooter while he was hiding in a classroom, a news outlet said.

Pete Arredondo was fired as police chief in August. He was in charge of a small police force whose job was to watch over school grounds. He got a lot of bad press for how law enforcement responded.

The suspension of the police force comes more than a week after the parents of the children who survived the shooting sued the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, former officials, the company that made the gun used in the massacre, and others.

Nearly 400 law enforcement officers waited outside the classrooms of the school for more than an hour before confronting the shooter and killing him. This made people question the Uvalde government.

In July, the Texas legislature put out a report that blamed the response on systemic problems and bad leadership. The report also said that the number of deaths kept going up because nothing was done.

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