The FBI spent 40 years monitoring Aretha Franklin

A Rolling Stone investigation found that the FBI spied on Aretha Franklin for 40 years and kept a 270-page file on her.

The Queen of Soul, who died of cancer at age 76 in August 2018, was reportedly watched, got prank phone calls, and had spies in her inner circle, according to documents that Rolling Stone got from the organisation and gave to

The news source said that the long file was full of suspicious phrases like “black extremists,” “pro-communist,” “hate America,” “radical,” “racial violence,” and “militant black power.” about the singer, her work, and the activists and artists she hung out with.

The FBI kept track of the “Respect” singer’s addresses and phone numbers all the time. They seemed especially interested in her work for civil rights and the fact that she knew people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Angela Davis.

Some of the documents that the publication got were recently made public. One of them was a report from 1968 about plans for Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral. It called it a “racial situation.”

He said, “Sammy Davis Jr. and Aretha Franklin are part of this group, and some of them have supported the idea of militant black power. The MLK memorial performance by these well-known artists could spark race riots in this area.”

The agency tried to link the singer of “Think” to the Black Liberation Army and other so-called “radical” groups, but failed. “Just in case” her dealings, the agency kept a copy of Aretha’s recording contract with Atlantic Records. There could be a link between the Black Panther Party and commercials.

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