Snake on a plane: Passengers scream when a rogue reptile is seen on a US flight

A snake was found on United Airlines Flight 2038, which was traveling from Tampa, Florida to New Jersey, giving some of the passengers on board a little shock.

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Web Desk of India Today: Passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 2038, bound for New Jersey from Tampa, Florida, got a bit of a scare when a snake was discovered on the plane mid-flight Monday.

However, after being informed of the issue by the passengers, the flight crew responded swiftly.

According to the airline, the snake was not poisonous; following its arrival in New Jersey, a wildlife operations team and the Port Authority Police Department removed the reptile and released it into the wild, as reported by NBC News.

The snake arrived aboard United Airlines flight 2038 from Tampa soon after arriving at Newark Liberty International Airport on Monday afternoon, according to Reuters, which cited the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Port Authority spokeswoman Cheryl Ann Albiez said airport animal control personnel and Port Authority police officers were at the gate when the aircraft landed and retrieved the snake, which was subsequently released into the wild.

According to him, there were no casualties or disruptions to airport operations, and the jet subsequently left Newark.

This was not the first time a snake-like creature has ridden aboard a commercial aircraft. In 2016, a big snake was seen snaking through the passenger cabin of an Aeroméxico (AEROMEX.MX) trip to Mexico City, and in 2013, passengers saw a python clinging to the wing of an aircraft flying from Australia to Papua New Guinea.

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