Russia Attacks Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure, Officials Capture Kherson Torture Chambers

In Kherson, Ukraine has claimed to have found a torture chamber where Russian forces tortured and shocked citizens during the months of occupation, and Russians are continuing the power grid attack.

During Russia’s attack on Ukraine, police officers carry body parts that were found under the rubble of a house that was destroyed by a Russian missile.

The Russian invaders are continuing their offensive in Donetsk, attacking the city with missile attacks and heavy fighting. The invasion of Ukraine has become increasingly aggressive following the withdrawal of Vladimir Putin’s forces from Kherson. Read also, Over a million people suffer from blackouts as Russian attacks continue: Ukraine Prez

Ukrainian officials have accused Russia of violating a ceasefire agreement and launching missiles from occupied territory.

Ukrainians at the Kherson City Morgue in Kherson, Ukraine reportedly uncovered a torture chamber and found signs of torture on bodies they were recovering. Even worse, around 10 million people are without power and many from other parts of the country have reported constant power cuts… read also, Russia’s War On Ukraine: The US General Says It’s A Terror And War Crime Campaign

These are the main events leading up to Russia and Ukraine’s war. For a more detailed history of this conflict or the further timeline that would result, there is much more information available online.

The Donetsk region is currently experiencing the most intense fighting in Russia’s nine-month war against Ukraine. Ukrainian forces have been reinforced by troops withdrawn from Kherson which Ukraine captured last week, Reuters reported.

It was here that the Ukrainian forces turned up mass burial sites and signs of torture, which they had begun to recover after Russian forces left last week. It was Thursday when the human rights group released a video showing a torture chamber. In addition, 63 bodies were recovered, showing signs of electric shocks wrapped around their wrists and ankles.

Dmytro Lubinets, a human rights official, shared videos online for people to view. In the video, he showed an underground room that was designed for detention, interrogation and torture. The portion where people were held without permission to use the restroom is shown in the video. However, Russia has always denied attacking civilians in occupied regions.

Russia’s air strikes hit various cities for the first time in weeks. The central city of Dnipro and the southern region of Odessa were hit, as well as important infrastructure in the northeastern Kharkiv region near Izium.

Kyiv, Odessa, Sumy and Vinnytsia are the regions in Ukraine where 10 million people were left without power on Thursday. Mostly in Kyiv and Odessa, they are experiencing the brunt of this condition while there is also some downed power in other areas of Ukraine.

The United Nations nuclear watchdog has been increasingly concerned about recent attacks on the power grid, which can endanger nuclear power plants and their clean air source. The reactors need to remain cool, so they need power, and they have limited backup time thanks to the lack of enough generators.

The UN is trying to verify reports of nearly 90 cases of enforced disappearances and arbitrary detentions in Kherson, and trying to understand whether the number of cases is greater than those already documented.

As Russia pulled out of the war in Ukraine, soldiers in its provinces did horrible things in villages. Most recently, bodies were found on Kyiv’s outskirts after Russia left the area.

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