Russia attacks Ukraine to avenge the attack on the Crimean fleet and avoid a possible food crisis

The Russian military carried out a series of missile strikes against Ukraine on Monday in retaliation for an alleged attack on the Russian fleet.

In retaliation for a Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow’s fleet in Crimea, Russia carried out precision strikes on Ukraine’s infrastructure on Monday. The Russian President said that these were necessary measures to protect the country and its allies.

Kyiv denies having attacked Russian troops, but Putin addressed the media on Monday, claiming that Kyiv used food shipments designated for the UN as military provocations.

The UN and Turkey negotiated a shipping program in July to ensure an uninterrupted supply of grains from Russia and Ukraine. The UN’s involvement means that Russia and Ukraine cannot cut off food exports. Those countries have good access to the Black Sea.

Russia recently froze its grain export program and hit Ukraine with missile strikes, leaving some 140,000 people without electricity. This includes 50,000 residents in the city of Kharkiv.

Ukraine said it had shot down 44 of the 50 Russian missiles. But after each strike, 80% of Kyiv went without running water and most people were left without electricity. Ukrainian police have reported that 13 have been injured in the latest attacks, according to Reuters.

The world wheat prices spiked more than 5% when Moscow backed out of the UN-brokered deal. Now, however, there are signs that the food crisis is over – Ukrainian exports have been uninterrupted on Monday.

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