Pakistan Airlines Order Cabin Crew to ‘Wear Proper Undergarments’: Report | World News

According to Pakistani media, Pakistan International Airlines delivered an internal instruction memorandum to cabin personnel advising them to dress correctly, which includes wearing suitable underwear. Poor cabin worker dress is making a terrible impression and projecting a negative image of airlines, according to the letter, which was also reported by Geo TV, which deemed the “underwear” instruction unusual.

Geo TV claimed to have the instruction paper, which stated: “Some cabin workers have been observed to dress informally when flying between cities, sleeping in hotels, and visiting other locations. Such attire has a negative impact on the observer and conveys a poor picture of not just the individual but also of the company.”

He stated that cabin personnel must dress adequately in standard formal attire over “suitable undergarments.” According to the regulation, clothing should also reflect Pakistan’s national culture and principles.

According to Pakistani media, Aviation and Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique met with PIA personnel to discuss measures to enhance the national airline’s operations. The minister directed that the passenger on-board entertainment system be operational as soon as feasible.

Cabin staff, on the other side, are opposing the increased job hours, and the International Transport Workers’ Federation recently wrote to PIA CEO Aamir Hayat about it.

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