Iran Shiraz Dead Injured Gunmen Open Fire Worshipers Shah Cheragh Shrine

An assault on a Shiite holy site in the Iranian city of Shiraz resulted in a total of 15 fatalities and 40 injuries, according to the AFP news agency. Two armed individuals have reportedly been detained, while a third is on the run, according to the judiciary’s official website.

IRNA, the official news agency, reports that 15 people have died, while state television reports that 40 others have also been hurt.

The Fars news agency said that three individuals with Kalashnikov weapons opened fire on pilgrims in front of a well-known shrine in the ancient city of Shiraz, the provincial capital of Fars, at around 2:15 p.m. local time. Eyewitnesses, according to the news agency, said that the assailants were in a vehicle when they opened fire on visitors and employees at the Shah Cherag shrine gate.

According to Dorsa Jabbari of Al Jazeera, who was reporting from Tehran, “this is a very uncommon occurrence coming at a very significant moment in Iran when security is on high alert given the amount of rallies that have erupted around the nation.”

The incident in Iran occurs at a time when the nation has been experiencing anti-government protests and calls for independence for a month.

Thousands of protestors gathered in the country’s northwest city at the same time to celebrate 40 days after Mahsa Amini, 22, passed away while being held by the morality police. Mahsa was jailed for wearing garments and died as a result. hijab is “inappropriate”.

10,000 demonstrators reportedly participated in the parade to Amini’s burial, according to media outlets with ties to the government. Hijabs were removed by the ladies, who then waved them in the air over their heads.

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