China kicks off final session of ruling Communist Party Congress

Communist Party Congress: On Saturday, the last day of a significant week-long gathering of China’s governing Communist Party started (Oct 22).

The approval of amendments to the party constitution that might strengthen Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s hold on power was anticipated from around 2,000 delegates.

A 200-member new Central Committee will also be legally approved to lead the party for the next five years. When the party’s new leadership is introduced on Sunday, it is anticipated that Xi Jinping would keep the top position.

The beginning of the meeting, probably during the voting, was closed to foreign journalists.

To keep a look out for any disturbances, police were stationed along the major highways with neighbourhood watch volunteers in bright red uniforms at regular intervals in between.

Last week, someone stunned officials when they unfurled posters from a Beijing bridge demanding for Xi’s impeachment and criticising his administration’s stringent pandemic restrictions under a “zero-COVID” strategy.

The agenda for the following five years is decided upon at the party conference. Xi demonstrated his will to stick to the existing course in the face of local and foreign obstacles in a report he read at the inaugural session a week earlier.

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