Canadian government waives medical exams for about 1,80,000 residency applicants

NEET 2021 Date Announced

For around 1,80,000 people who are already applying to become temporary and permanent residents of Canada, the government headed by Justin Trudeau would forgo medical examinations. The Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Refugees made the announcement. The minister said on Twitter that specific conditions must be met in order for applicants for permanent and temporary residents to be excluded from immigration medical tests.

Sean Fraser said in a tweet that “this new approach will assist enable speedier processing and benefit over 180,000 applicants in Canada.”


  • Certain low-risk foreign nationals are excluded from submitting an Immigration Medical Examination (IME) as part of their application under the interim policy.
  • The application intends to expedite application processing, making it simpler for foreign nationals to gain temporary or permanent resident status.
  • completed an immigration medical examination during the previous five years without posing a concern to the public’s health or safety, and was properly reported to the appropriate public health authorities for monitoring.
  • When filing a new application, applicants must still provide the distinctive medical identification number from their prior medical examination.
  • By October 6, 2024, the policy will no longer be in effect.
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