Bridge explosion in Crimea is just the beginning: Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky’s advisor, Mikhail Podoliak, claimed in Kyiv that the explosion that rocked the Kerch bridge on Saturday was just “the beginning.” The bridge connects Russia with the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and has become a loathed symbol of the Kremlin’s rule of Crimea.

Crimean bridge explosion just the beginning Ukraine

After a truck explosion early Saturday morning, RT News claimed that the bridge was blocked because of the road damage and the large fire it started.

Crimea, the connecting point; the outset. Podoliak tweeted that all unlawful items must be destroyed, all stolen items must be returned to Ukraine, and all Russians living in occupied areas must be evacuated.

After Russia began its current invasion of Kiev on February 24, RT claimed that Ukrainian officials had repeatedly threatened to strike the bridge.

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