Use This Tennis Ball Massage Tip For Better Sleep And Relaxation

This blog will explain the healing benefits of using tennis balls to perform self-massage, as well as offer 3 unique and effective ways to use tennis balls to alleviate lower back and/or leg pain. Using tennis balls under the feet immediately and effectively can stretch your hamstrings and calves muscles, as well as increase the flexibility of the lower back, relieving pain. Massaging the lower back with tennis balls helps to release the soft tissues, relieve tightness, ease trapped nerves, and enhance flexibility. Gently moving on a tennis ball to massage the myofascial tissues is also relaxing, because it helps to increase circulation and the mobility of tight tissues.

Use This Tennis Ball Massage Tip For Better Sleep And Relaxation
Use This Tennis Ball Massage Tip For Better Sleep And Relaxation

According to Shiloh Pileggi, using a tennis ball to gently press in that area helps to lengthen muscles, which may relieve discomfort by distracting your brain from pain. For lower back pain, Shiloh Pileggi suggests packing two tennis balls into your socks and placing one on each side of the spine. Pileggi says tennis balls are ideal, but you could use any small rubber ball, or even a racquetball. You can even use an individual tennis ball for lower back, glute, or even sciatica pain.

Lie flat on your back, then hold two tennis balls or a massage ball in the space between your shoulder blades, on top of your spine. Lift up on your hips and roll the two tennis or massage balls a few inches down the length of your spine, then repeat. Keep rolling balls down the back and repeat bear hug and snow angel until you reach the middle of the back (where the bra clasp or heart monitor would go). Slowly roll the balls back and forth, to your right and left, while pressing the balls gently, for 30 seconds.

Sit down on the floor, and slowly roll to a prone position, with 2 balls placed to either side. Place the two balls side-by-side into your bag, socks, or stockings, then set them underneath your base of skull as you lay down on the floor. If you want, you can put 2 balls in the tote, stocking, or stocking. Put the other hand over the top of that to exert a little extra pressure, then crush the ball, leaning the weight of your body onto it.

Use your hands and feet to support your weight, then slowly sink into the tennis ball sciatica massage, placing a tennis ball directly over your trigger point. You will feel the 2 tennis balls lightly pressing on and massaging the painful tissue while moving your hands back and forth.

If either is too hard, too painful, you can alternately put the couple tennis balls into your hand towel, and wrap the towel around and put it down on the floor. Sit in the chair facing the table, push the balls with your palms down, rolling the balls from the tips of your fingers up toward the elbows and back, until you feel hot. If you are suffering from chronic myofascial tightness, chances are high using a tennis ball to self-massage your injured areas may provide some much-needed relief.

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