The Bus Driver Escaped An Angry Elephant By Driving The Bus In Reverse

In the last few decades, media and urban development have led to an increase in construction in the backcountry and urban areas. As part of these new developments, we have built new roads, some of which have cut through forests, affecting wildlife. We have seen many instances of wild animals coming out of the forest to seek food and attacking humans, vehicles, or animals that are not a source of food.

The incident in Thrissur District, Kerala, took place in the Athirapally area. A private bus was plying on this route when this incident occurred. In the video, the wild elephant is seen walking in front of the bus at first. The driver of the bus slowly follows, under the impression that it might soon get off the road and go back into the forest. It did not happen until after a short detour. After a short detour, nobody was following it, and when they saw another person driving behind it with a huge truck behind him, it turned towards them and attacked them immediately.

The bus driver drove up to the elephant and revved up the engine, scaring it away. This infuriated the elephant and made it more aggressive, so it started moving toward the vehicle. The people in your bus were getting very nervous, but the driver remained calm and slowly drove backward until, thankfully, he was able to get out of its grip. The elephant chased the bus for about 8 kilometers before finally letting go, making turning around a nightmare.

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The bus driver was heard saying that it had never happened before, but in the video, you can see another elephant and numerous government officials arriving in the area to diffuse the situation. The bus driver takes the bus in reverse and maintains a safe distance from the elephant. Another State Transport Corporation bus comes from an opposite direction; it appears that the elephant showed no intention of attacking the bus.

It happened every day. The elephant would see the bus coming from the opposite side of the road, and it felt too afraid to cross the road. It would end up stuck between these two, trying to find a way out, but unable to do so. Wild animals are not used to traffic noise and engines. They can get scared very easily, and they might even attack people or vehicles if they feel threatened. If you see an animal crossing the road, be patient and park on the side of the road with your vehicle off so that it can cross without any hindrance.

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