Stolen bike recovered after stopping in front of owner to fill petrol

A motorcycle was stolen in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, India on July 15th. In typical theft cases, it’s difficult to locate a stolen car because thieves quickly destroy the vehicle and sell the parts at a separate market for profit. Fortunately for this owner, his motorcycle was recovered after being driven only 12 km (about 7 miles) to a roadside petrol pump. The entire incident was recorded at the petrol pump as part of their CCTV system.

Video Report Shared on 24 News’ Facebook Page
According to the video report from 24 News, Praveen (the motorcycle owner) is a member of the Kadalundi village panchayat in Kozhikode district. His bike was stolen Saturday last week in Kozhikkode, and he went to the nearby police station to report the theft. The police asked him to produce the original documents of his bike which he proved by going home from Kadalundi.

On the way home, Praveen’s friend drove the car to a petrol pump so it could fill up with gas. On their way, a motorcycle cut in front of them and stopped. The biker actually cut the line and stopped right in front of them. He then noticed his bike behind the thief, who had a person on the back with a helmet and was wearing normal clothes. They told each other what they saw and all got out of the car to catch him as he tried to escape.

The thief was then surrounded by the owner and his friends. When he realized he was in trouble, the thief ran away from the spot, after which Praveen and his friends handed him over to the police. But, on their way to jail, he escaped from police custody. The whole incident looked like a scene out of a movie, where the stolen vehicle came back in front of its owner. The entire incident has actually been captured on CCTV cameras installed at a nearby petrol pump. Though his face is not seen clear on video footage, as he had put on a helmet when stealing the bike. He can be seen removing his helmet while exiting the petrol pump.

Motorcycles are often targets for thieves and are difficult to lock. In the video clip you can see that it’s easy for someone to steal this Hero Splendor without a tracking device or alarm system. To make your motorcycle harder to steal, install an aftermarket system, like locks or immobilizers. This will allow you to know if your bike is being stolen and located if it does get taken.

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