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ICICI Bank Personal Loans


Nowadays all types of banks are providing loans to its customers depending upon the need. Likewise, ICICI bank has also a great system of advancing personal loans to the needy with very easy transactions. Today we are going to give you the details about how ICICI bank can give you a loan.

What are the benefits of taking a loan from ICICI Bank?

Products of ICICI loan

The loans are provided to both Salaried and Self- Employed. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill which are given below-


  1. Age- 23-58 years
  2. Salary- Minimum 20,000/ for customers residing in Delhi and Mumbai 25,000(Listed companies)/Rs. 40,000(Unlisted Companies) any location.
  3. Profit After Tax- Nil
  4. Eligibility- ICICI bank salary account holder, any customer having relationship with ICICI bank, salaried customers with the bank, savings account or salaried customer having no relationship with ICICI bank.
  5. Years of job/profession- 2 years.


  1. Age-25-65 years
  2. Salary- Rs. 40 lacs for non-professionals/ Rs.15lacs for professionals.
  3. Profit after Tax- Rs. 2 lac for self-employed or firm/ Rs. 1 lac for non-professionals.
  4. Eligibility- Minimum liability relationship of 1 year be it savings or current account.
  5. Years of job/profession- 3 years for doctors and 5 years for others.

The other information you might require are-

These are the things which will be necessary for you to get a loan from ICICI Bank. So start your search for the perfect type of loan you want to have from ICICI.

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