ICICI Bank Personal Loans: ICICI Home Loans: ICICI Car Loans

Nowadays, all types of banks provide loans to their customers depending on their needs. Likewise, ICICI Bank has also developed a great system of advancing personal loans to the needy with very easy transactions. Today, we’ll go over the specifics of how ICICI Bank can provide you with a loan.

What are the benefits of taking a loan from ICICI Bank?

  • There are no hidden cost
  • Fast processing of the loan
  • The interest rates are attractive as well as the EMI is the lowest too.
  • One of the best features is that there is no requirement for security or a guarantor.
  • There is good flexibility in payment and i.e. you can repay within 12-60 months.

Products of ICICI loan

  • ICICI Personal Loan
  • ICICI Home Loan
  • ICICI Car Loan
  • ICICI Credit Card
  • ICICI NRI Home Loans

The loans are provided to both Salaried and Self- Employed. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill which are given below-


  1. Age- 23-58 years
  2. Salary- Minimum 20,000/ for customers residing in Delhi and Mumbai 25,000(Listed companies)/Rs. 40,000(Unlisted Companies) any location.
  3. Profit After Tax- Nil
  4. Eligibility- ICICI bank salary account holder, any customer having a relationship with ICICI bank, salaried customers with the bank, savings account, or salaried customer having no relationship with ICICI bank.
  5. Years of job/profession- 2 years.


  1. Age-25-65 years
  2. Salary- Rs. 40 lacs for non-professionals/ Rs. 15 lacs for professionals.
  3. Profit after Tax- Rs. 2 lac for self-employed or firm/ Rs. 1 lac for non-professionals.
  4. Eligibility- Minimum liability relationship of 1 year be it savings or current account.
  5. Years of job/profession- 3 years for doctors and 5 years for others.

The other information you might require is-

  • The interest rates for loans are 11.59% to 17.50%
  • For special offers, the processing fee is Rs.999 or otherwise 1-2.5%
  • For closure, the charges are Nil-5%
  • The repayment is for 5 years
  • The loan amount is up to 20lakhs
  • The minimum income is 20,000 pm.

These are the things that will be necessary for you to get a loan from ICICI Bank. So start your search for the perfect type of loan you want to have from ICICI.

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